Airbnb Shopping Lists, Costs, and Checklists

Shopping Lists for Airbnb Listings

We’ve provided various Airbnb shopping lists & checklists for each main area of your listing.  Obviously you’ll want to customize these for your specific space, adding or omitting things as needed.  We’ve linked to our “favorite” items from Amazon or other providers where appropriate, so be sure to check those out!  The items we’ve recommended have been personally tested by us, and offer a good balance of price and quality.  If you find a broken link, or an item seems to be discontinued, or we’ve forgotten something on this list, or you have other product feedback, please get in touch through our Contact page.

Before you purchase anything we have two recommendations:

  1. Set up an Amazon Prime account if you aren’t already a Prime member.  Click here for a free 30-day trial.
  2. We also HIGHLY recommend setting up an Amazon Store Card account for your purchases.  Why?  You will earn 5% cash back on nearly every purchase, with no annual fees!

General tips and thoughts on stocking your space:

    1. Cheap is good, but durable is more important.  Some of the items we have listed aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but they’ve proven to be more durable.  The last thing you want is to have to continually replace items because they’re breaking or wearing out.
    2. We STRONGLY recommend sticking with white sheets and white towels.  Hotels do this for a reason: they’re much easier to get stains out of.  Add color elsewhere: throw pillows, blankets, art, etc.
    3. Avoid speakers & stereo systems…you don’t want noise complaints from the neighbors, and one easy way to cut down on those is to not provide the tools for guests to blast their music.
    4. Keep an overstock area where you stock extras of things like soap, shampoo, body wash, paper towels, tissue, toilet paper, laundry soap, etc.  Be sure to check this area regularly to make sure you’re not running low on anything.  It’s also a nice idea to have extra toilet paper stocked in your bathroom where guests can get to it if they run out.
    5. Use Subscribe & Save where it makes sense!  If you’re not familiar with it, S&S is an Amazon program wherein you “subscribe” to specific items (not all items qualify, or make sense to use), and in exchange, Amazon gives you a discount on the item ranging from 5% to 15% (depending on how many items you subscribe to, mainly).  Items you’d subscribe to are things like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent & softener, shampoo, conditioner & body wash, hand soap, dish soap, etc. Amazon will then automatically deliver these items to you.  You get S&S deliveries monthly.  Each month you’ll have a week or so where you can review your upcoming deliveries and adjust accordingly…say you don’t need an item that particular month, you can push it back to the next month’s delivery.  Or if you’ve scheduled something to be delivered once every 2 months, but you’re running low sooner than that, you can push it up to the current month’s delivery.  It’s very flexible, you can cancel items at any time.  The only caveat is that you need to make sure you review your upcoming deliveries BEFORE they get locked in, or you may end up getting some things you don’t need that month.  We recommend just setting a regular calendar reminder in your favorite calendar app to review your items.

How much will it cost to set up an Airbnb space?

One major question we hear a lot is: how much will it cost to set up my space?  Obviously the cost  to set up your Airbnb space will vary considerably depending on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, whether you have a kitchen, etc.  Major furnishings  like your sofa, dining table, chairs, etc can vary widely in cost…we recommend trying Craigslist or similar, or finding a local furniture store with good financing options.  Thrift stores can be a great source for inexpensive furnishings and decor items as well. Here’s a breakdown of the approximate total average costs for fully stocking each type of space for an Airbnb:

    • Bedroom = $1700
    • Bathroom = $400
    • Kitchen = $800
    • Living Room = $1400
    • Dining Room = $700
    • Cleaning Supplies = $400
    • Miscellaneous = $500 and up, lots of variables (patio/BBQ/pool etc)

Again these numbers are very general guidelines only, but they should give you a reasonable estimate if you’re starting from scratch and using our shopping lists below to help stock your space.

Airbnb Shopping Lists Room by Room

FREE BONUS!  Printable Checklists for Airbnb

Our full Airbnb shopping checklist is also available here in PDF format for you to download and print! Then as you go through and inventory your space you can be sure you have everything you need. We also have included an Airbnb cleaning checklist (in PDF or Word format), so you can be sure you are remembering everything  as you set up the space in between guests.  It’s also a fantastic tool to train someone else to clean your space for you!


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