Living Room Shopping List

This list represents most of the items you’ll need for a standard living room space.  Obviously you’ll want to customize it for your specific space, adding or omitting things as needed.  We’ve linked to our “favorite” items from Amazon or other providers where appropriate, so be sure to check those out!  The items we’ve recommended have been personally tested by us, and offer a good balance of price and quality.  If you find a broken link, or an item seems to be discontinued, or we’ve forgotten something on this list, or you have other product feedback, please get in touch through our Contact page.

Before you purchase anything we have two recommendations:

  1. Set up an Amazon Prime account if you aren’t already a Prime member.  Click here for a free 30-day trial.
  2. We also HIGHLY recommend setting up an Amazon Store Card account for your purchases.  Why?  You will earn 5% cash back on nearly every purchase, with no annual fees!

And now for the list…

  • Sofa or Futon (Craigslist is a good option or a local furniture chain that often has nice financing deals.  Consider a futon if you want to add an extra bed option for the space)
  • Chair
  • Area rug (this one has several color options and is a great value)
  • Coffee table
  • Television (a smart TV with built-in Roku for streaming services is recommended)
  • Roku (if no smart TV)
  • TV Wall Mount
  • Book shelf
  • Books (local travel guide or local history, novels, kids)
  • Magazines (local are great + general interest (sports, news))
  • Wall Art (local representation is ideal)
  • Fake plant
  • Stereo (actually NOT recommended, due to noise concerns)

If you would like a printable version of this shopping list, you’ll find it here!

Cozy Couch
Absolutely necessary; a cozy spot to relax!

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