Crafting your Bed-Scape

The Devil is in the Details

What this page teaches you is exactly HOW to make the bed. Did I lose you? I hope not… because 5-star reviews are made (and lost) in the details.  You’ll hear us talk about ‘details’ a lot on this site; whether it is in reference to cleaning between guests or writing your listing description, these details are the reasons we are successful and why you will be too! These details create the feeling of luxury, and no matter the price range of your listing, if your guests feel pampered by your space -they’ll love it! All in all, the details on this page (and all the others) are essential for regularly earning 5-star reviews, which means your space gets higher preference in search results, which means more bookings, which means more money! So, let’s make that bed!

Step 1: Fitted Sheet

Take care to smooth out any lumps/bumps from the fitted sheet and/or the mattress cover below it.

Step 2: Flat Sheet

Many people are unaware the flat sheets have a ‘finished’ side and an ‘unfinished’ side. When making the bed you want the finished side of the sheet FACE DOWN, as this is the side of the sheet that is softest/silkiest and will be next to the skin as the guest lies between the sheets. The easiest way to tell the finished side from the unfinished side is to look at the top corner of the flat sheet where the decorative border is hemmed. The finished side of the sheet will fold back onto the unfinished side where the hem will be. See the pictures and arrows indicating the direction of the folded hem.Finished side of sheet hem

Lay the finished side of the flat sheet FACE DOWN, ensuring the entire decorative border extends over the top/past the top of the mattress (this will be important soon).

top of flat sheet extends past top of mattress     perfectly smooth flat sheet

Center the sheet on the mattress and smooth out any bumps. (Pro-tip* When folding your sheets after laundering them, fold the flat sheet in half length-wise first, this will give you a nice fold line directly down the center of the sheet, making it easy to tell where the sheet should be laying in relation to the center of the mattress).

Step 3: Bottom Corners

Some people call this ‘hospital corners’ or ‘hotel corners’. Either way, this is a nice method to ensure your flat sheet stays put while guests are getting in and out of bed, yet will not restrict their movement while sleeping.

First you tuck the bottom of the flat sheet under the mattress, pulling it up towards the headboard and taut from both the left and right side:

   Tucking sheet corners under mattress

Next you find the natural fold forming in the corner of the sheet, by the way it hangs at the corner. This fold line is usually extending straight down from the very corner of the mattress, and is often the most distinct crease forming in the sheet. Grasp the bottom of that fold line and pull it diagonally up to be parallel with the top of the mattress.

Next, tuck the excess sheet (the small part hanging past the bottom of the mattress) under the mattress. Drop the fold line. You should have a neat corner with the fold hanging straight down, ensuring the side of the sheet is laying flat against the side of the mattress. Repeat for the other bottom corner.

Step 4: Comforter & Duvet Cover

Lay the covered duvet on the bed, ensuring the top comes almost to the top/head of the mattress. Center and align the duvet neatly/squarely with the mattress. Fold the decorative border of the flat sheet over the top of the duvet.

We recommend then folding the flat sheet and duvet down again, together, to create a neat and clean line where you will place the pillows. This also ensures guests do not accidentally grasp only the duvet when getting into bed, under the covers. You want them to sleep between the fitted and flat sheet, not accidentally on top of the sheets and under the duvet.

Step 5: Pillows

Neatly encase the pillows with the pillowcases, making sure the seam of the pillowcase is aligned with the long seam of the pillow and then place the seam-side of the pillow facing the headboard. (Pro Tip* if you have folded your sheets as we recommended, you’ll have a crease down the center which easily marks where the pillows should line up.)

Stuff and smooth the big pillows into your shams. Our recommended duvet cover set includes shams, though feel free to buy embroidered shams if you want to accentuate your bedding/theme/décor. Place the shammed pillows upright in front of the cased pillows. Add your throw pillows to the center of the bed, up against the shammed pillows.

Step 6: Blanket

Fold the blanket in half, and then again a second time in the same direction to create a long runner-style shape. Place the blanket at the foot of the bed, neatly aligned and centered. BOOM! Gorgeous bed.