Bedroom Setup Tips

Arguably the most important aspect of your Airbnb space are the bed(s).  They should be welcoming, restful, and clean. After all, whether you offer an entire house or a single bedroom inside your home, the first and foremost need of the traveler is a comfortable place to sleep. Here are the BnB Wizard’s must-haves and pro setup tips to ensure your Airbnb bedroom space includes everything guests need.

TIP #1: Queen Beds

You want a queen bed (or King, depending on the size of your space) simply to ensure a comfortable night’s rest for 2 guests. Full and twin size beds often do not meet the size needs of taller/bigger guests, so unless you have a second bedroom (in the case of an entire home listing) shoot for Queen or bigger. Both the foam mattress and the bed frame we have listed in our bedroom shopping list consistently receive positive comments and reviews from our guests.

TIP #2: Mattress covers

The mattress cover in our bedroom shopping list has a plastic liner inside the fabric, to help block moisture and fluids from absorbing into your mattress. We have learned the hard way that foam mattresses will absorb any fluid deep into it’s core, making it impossible to clean out. Using an appropriate mattress cover under your sheets easily diminishes this risk and helps your investment last longer.

TIP #3: Soft, White Sheets

We recommend having at least 2 sets per bed and the color white ensures that you can easily bleach your sheets for proper sanitation/stain removal. You want sheets that are soft, yet affordable enough to replace when they being to show signs of wear. Having 2 or more sets allows you to change the sheets without waiting for laundry to be complete.  We also recommend sticking with plain white sheets, as they’re much easier to clean.  There’s a reason almost every hotel has plain white sheets and towels!

TIP #4: Duvets and Covers

A duvet and cover will save you a lot of time and hassle when laundering the bedding. Again, we recommend white duvet covers, for the same reason as for the sheets, and an artificial down comforter. Artificial down is lightweight yet warm, easy to fold and wash (in large capacity washers), and is animal friendly. If you have a large enough space to offer an inflatable mattress and extra bedding to your guests, the ability to easily fold and store the comforter will be a major plus!

TIP #5: Pillows

You need 4 pillows per queen bed, period. This is not just our recommendation, but also an Airbnb requirement if you hope to become an Airbnb Plus* listing. We recommend memory foam style pillows for the regular pillow cases and artificial down for the sham pillows. Both styles of pillow will ensure that you meet the vast majority of your guests’ preferences and support needs, while creating an attractive and inviting bed-scape.

TIP #6: Throw Pillows

Your first way to add pops of color and new textures, accent your style and/or theme, as well as do seasonal décor changes if you would like.  This is one area that you really get to express your unique style and the theme of your guest space, so have fun! Though we would like to show you a few NON-recommendations, simply because these fabrics/styles will not wash/spot clean easily. (Pictured below: very fluffy, sequined (or beaded), highly textured, and furry pillows)


Tip #7: Blanket

Your second way to add color and accent your theme. We do recommend a queen size or larger, to be sure that if guests need the extra warmth or want to cuddle on the sofa/couch (if you have one in your space) the blanket will be large enough to accommodate. Also, consider fabrics like microfiber that will wash and dry easily/quickly. Here is a great blanket suggestion that come in a variety of colors to blend with your theme!

Tip #8: Nightstands

This is another way to add a bit of flare with your own unique style and theme, but keep in mind the size needs or limits of your space. If the bedroom is very small, you’ll want a small or maybe even a shelf-type nightstand, like this. With a larger bedroom, your options are almost endless! Here is another nightstand option that has an open bottom shelf, making it easy to store items, but not lose them! If the bedroom space allows, be sure to get a nightstand for each side of the bed.

Tip #9: Lamps

No nightstand is complete without a lamp, so if you have two nightstands you need 2 lamps. This offers your guests lighting options/flexibility making your space more inviting and usable. This particular lamp combines both the Lamp, tip #9, with our next tip, #10: outlets!

Tip #10: Outlets

Every traveller will have devices they need to charge, and ensuring that there are enough outlets easily accessible will be greatly appreciated. We recommend a power strip placed on or near the nightstand to offer your guests multiple charging options and ease of use right next to where they will be sleeping.  Using a strip that has a few USB ports, like this one adds an extra bit of convenience.

Tip #11: Coasters

Just one on each nightstand is enough. This small gesture acknowledges the need for water or coffee, and tells your guest they are welcome to place their drink next to them…while simultaneously protecting your furniture! 😉

Tip #12: Closet/Drawers

Each bedroom space also needs a place for guests to hang some clothes, as so often people travel for business or events that will require nice clothing. Drawer space is nice to have for longer-term guests, but not as important as bit of closet space. You can find creative ways to offer a closet even when your guest space does not have a physical closet built in. You can find all different sizes of freestanding closet racks, perhaps like this one, to place in your space, or get creative! Here we converted an old TV hutch into a wardrobe cabinet. *Notice that we chose to include the wardrobe in lieu of a second nightstand, as this super small bedroom space did not allow for 2 nightstands plus a closet.  Sometimes you have to make decisions and work with what you’ve got!

Tip #13: Accent Chair and Table

These two items are completely space dependent. Ideally, if all you are listing a bedroom space only, it should be large enough to allow for a queen bed, at least 1 nightstand, some closet space, and at least 1 chair and a small table. If your bedroom space is within a larger listing, like an entire home or casita/in-law quarters, there is less need for a chair and table in the actual bedroom. This small accent chair is a great option, will add a bit of interest to the room, but is still neutral enough to work with almost any theme. We like this accent table because of its versatility, which is very important in single-room listings. With wheels and an open side, guests can move it around and use it in multiple ways.