Listing Description Tips & Examples

Airbnb provides a bit of a template for your descriptions, but we highly recommend putting some thought and creativity into your listing’s description.  Obviously your photos are going to be a big seller, but the description can also make (or break) the desirability of the listing. Here are our Airbnb Listing Description Tips:


This should go without saying, but we’ve seen more than a few listings where the host just sounds…grumpy.  Or too formal.  Have some FUN with your listing.  Bust out the thesaurus and get creative with the descriptions.  Draw attention to your selling features.  Pay attention to what guests comment on in your reviews as you get rolling, as this can give you some insight into what they tend to love about your space.  For example, a ton of our guest reviews mention “loving” our Boston Terrier Oswald.  So we put his picture in our listing and mentioned him in the description:

“Our energetic co-host Oswald the Boston Terrier will be delighted to hang out with you as you enjoy magnificent sunsets from the back patio!”


Make sure your description clearly describes the space and amenities.  Do all the bedrooms have televisions? You’ll want to mention that.  If the shower is a tub-style that you have to climb into, mention that.  Are there stairs to get to the space? Definitely mention that.  If parking is limited, mention that too.  Anything that a potential guest might need or want to know, put it in there!  Also, Airbnb allows you to ‘check-off’ many amenities (for example, microwave, hair dryer, ironing board, etc) so you don’t necessarily need to list all of those things in the description. But the goal is to minimize surprises…you don’t want Al and Betty who just had hip-replacement surgery learning the hard way that there’s a steep flight of stairs to get to the bedroom. Here is an example of a thorough description of the sleeping and bathroom arrangements:

“Our two bedroom and two bathroom house works well for a group of friends, two couples, or small families. One bathroom in ensuite in the master and the other bathroom is easily accessible from the main living area. We can also set up an extra air mattress in the living room (it offers privacy with pocket sliding doors) to accommodate groups of six!”


We definitely recommend listing out any rules and expectations of your guests ahead of time so there’s no confusion.  Clear rules will both ensure that your space is kept nicer, and can also help weed out potential problem guests. For example, having a rule about “no outside guests, no parties, minimal noise” will help cut down on those “bachelorette party girls driving in from Las Vegas” (which, trust me, are not guests you want to host).  A few examples:

  • No outside guests at any time, no parties
  • No shoes inside the house
  • No smoking inside the house or on the back patio, smoking is only allowed on the front sidewalk
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times, especially between the hours of 10pm and 7am
  • No pets (for service animals please message us before booking to discuss)
  • No candles or open flames

We will often reiterate our rules to certain guests, in a tactful way, if we have concerns about their stated “reason for booking”.  For example:

Twenty-Something Guest: “Me and my girlfriends are flying in for a little girls’ weekend getaway!”

Us: “Sounds fun!  We’d be happy to host you guys, but please do understand that this is not a party house.  Per our house rules we don’t allow any outside guests at any time due to liability reasons, and because of concern for our neighbors we request that noise be kept to a minimum.  As long as you’re comfortable respecting these rules, we’d be happy to host you!”

Half the time they’ll end up not booking, and the other half the time they’re well-behaved guests.  It’s much better to lose a booking than have a headache hosting experience.

If you have any specific questions about our Airbnb Listing Description Tips and how they apply to your listing, don’t hesitate to Contact Us!