Get to Know the Wizards

Hi everyone! We’re Joseph and Rickie Lee.  We have been Airbnb Superhosts here in sunny San Diego California since 2015. 

Our Airbnb journey all started when we read an article about Airbnb and decided to list the guest bedroom (and it’s ensuite bath) in the home we were renting.  We didn’t know what we were doing, but we cleaned up the room, took a few photos, and posted our listing.  We were super excited when we got our first booking a few days later!  As weeks went on we started tweaking a number of things about our space and the listing, simply learning as we went along about what worked and what didn’t.  Eventually we started making pretty decent side income, pulling in around $1000 a month from that little bedroom space.  We decided that Airbnb offered a HUGE opportunity, and we wanted to play a little bigger, so when it was time to move -we kept Airbnb in mind. 

We found a much larger rental house with absolutely stunning views where the landlord was agreeable to letting us sub-lease/Airbnb the space.  The rent was going to be $6,000 a month so we were a little hesitant at first.  However, we ran the numbers and figured that we could cover at least a two-thirds of our rent with the Airbnb income at this new house.  We set up 3 separate listings on that property (the guest house and two bedrooms with their own exterior entrances and ensuite bathrooms).  The space took off like a rocket and we started pulling in an average of $10,000 a month in Airbnb income.  We were literally living in an amazing house for free, AND making $4,000 in positive cash flow every month.  

Unfortunately that space was on a short 2-year lease and the landlord didn’t renew the space for us (he was finally ready to renovate and move in his family), so we decided to buy a house.  Of course we looked for one that offered an Airbnb opportunity and found a great option with a fully separate guest house -which we currently rent on Airbnb.  We average about $4,000 a month in Airbnb income here, with a mortgage payment of $4500 a month. Basically we’re paying $500 a month for our house, and we love it!

To date, we’ve hosted close to 2000 guests and have maintained a 4.9+ star review rating. Our spaces average over 95% booked, 365 days a year.  We’ve met some amazing people from over 100 countries and aside from a few noisy or somewhat messy guests, we’ve had virtually no problems.

We developed this site in response to friends and family asking us how we have been so successful with our Airbnb business. Whether its wanting to know how to get started, what to expect, how to maximize revenue, or how to avoid problems, we created this site to provide all the resources and answers you will need to get your Airbnb business off the ground, and running optimally. Whether you’re brand new to Airbnb, or want to improve your existing listings, we’re here to help you…every step of the way!